Gamble House

a film by Don Hahn

The Story

The Gamble House is the incredible story of brothers Charles and Henry Greene who were pushed reluctantly into architecture by their forceful father only to design and build the most seminal and stunning Arts & Crafts house in America. The house, however, did not come without its price, both personally and professionally, for the Greene brothers, and David and Mary Gamble who commissioned it. It’s a tale of American craftsmanship, international influence, artistic frustration, loss, and triumph, which led to the completion of one of the shining examples of American architecture, known to fans of Back to the Future as Doc Brown’s house, and fans of architecture simply as The Gamble House.

“This house represents the American Dream, built out of wood, and stone, and glass.”

“He told them everything; who to consort with, what societies to join in order to get clients… He told them what to do, I think all their lives.”

The Crew

  • Don Hahn
    Don Hahn Writer / Director / Executive Producer

    Don Hahn produced The Lion King and the classic Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar®. Hahn also served as associate producer of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. His other credits include The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenweenie, and Maleficent, as well as the Disneynature films Earth, Oceans, African Cats, and Chimpanzee, and the Oscar®- nominated animated short The Little Matchgirl. He has also directed the documentaries Waking Sleeping Beauty and Hand Held, and produced the documentary High Ground.

  • Lori Korngiebel
    Lori Korngiebel Producer

    Lori Korngiebel began her career in post-production. In 1998, she joined Disney Animation Studios where she worked with veteran producer Don Hahn on projects such as Fantasia 2000, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Lilo & Stitch. After completing post-production work on Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, she joined DreamWorks Animation in 2004 where she worked on acclaimed films such as Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. In 2009 she rejoined Don Hahn at Disney to work on Waking Sleeping Beauty. Her collaboration with Hahn continued with the Disneynature documentaries Oceans and African Cats and independent documentary films Hand Held and High Ground. She went on to work as post-production supervisor on Disney’s John Carter and as associate producer on Maleficent, the fourth highest-grossing film of 2014. Additionally, in 2014 Lori was part of the producing teams on two award-winning shorts, Aria for a Cow and Ryan.

  • Stephen Yao
    Stephen Yao Editor

    Stephen Yao attended Biola University and since has edited everything from short films to music videos, but he is most passionate about editing documentaries. His documentary work has included clients such as Sports Illustrated, VICE Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1. His EPSN 30 for 30 short film “The Arnold Palmer” was nominated for a Sports Emmy. Stephen met Don Hahn and Lori Korngiebel while working as a post-production coordinator on Disney’s Maleficent.

  • Erik Lutz
    Erik Lutz Composer

    Erik Lutz’s music can be heard in many of the biggest film and television scores in the past few years. As a composer of additional music for Nathan Whitehead, Lutz has contributed music to the chilling and action packed Purge franchise, TNT’s The Last Ship, and the upcoming action movie Beyond Skyline. Lutz, a versatile composer in his own right, has scored projects spanning animation (The Grimoire, Aloft), drama (Camp, Entropy), and comedy (The Perfect Tortilla). He also contributed commercial music to several companies, including Chevy, AT&T, Carling, and Dr. Scholl’s. Lutz has studied music since age three and after years of music education in bassoon, piano, percussion, and music theory, he started to gravitate towards composition. After graduating with a BA in both Composition and Bassoon performance from Florida State University and scoring several student films, Lutz relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film scoring.

  • Josh Gibson
    Josh Gibson Director of Photography

    Josh Gibson is a freelance cameraman and Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2006 with a BA in cinematography. His focus is filming for documentaries and non-profits.

  • Scott Watts
    Scott Watts Studio Manager

    Scott Watts started his career working for producer Marty Katz (Reindeer Games, Titanic) on the World War II era film The Great Raid and an unproduced project with director Guy Ritchie. He joined Miramax Films in 2005 where worked on films such as Tsotsi, The Queen, Gone Baby Gone and No Country For Old Men. After his tenure with Miramax, Scott transitioned to The Walt Disney Company, and in 2010 started working with producer Don Hahn. Since then he has worked on the Disneynature films Oceans, African Cats and Chimpanzee, as well as Frankenweenie, Maleficent , and documentaries Waking Sleeping Beauty, Hand Held, and High Ground.

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